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Secret to Gratitude


As we say goodbye to Thanksgiving, I wanted to reflect on something that Sarah and I have discovered that has greatly improved the gratitude in our house.  It is the discovery of a link between taking responsibility and being grateful.  This may seem ve… more »

My First Church (Perils of Shepherds)


There are some who would call Bean's Corner "My first church" because it is here that I was first given the responsibility of being senior pastor.  Others might call Peru Baptist Church my "first" church because that was my first "job" out of college.  … more »

Perils of Shepherds: Lamb Chops


Pastors can be hard on churches.  Like shepherds beating the sheep.  How come people are leaving.  Pastor may think its because he's pushing, but more because he's rough.  Let the Holy Spirit push.  You speak the truth in love.  Preach hard, but love ha… more »

Family Picture


Lately my blog posts have been weighty and studied discussions of big issues.  Time for a lighter discussion of an even bigger issue. Tonight as we sat around the table as a family, I pulled out a book we are reading together.  It is an old book by an… more »

Defending Marriage


Today, and tomorrow,  I will define and defend "traditional" marraige.  Actually, that's a poor phrase, "traditional marriage".   After all, is this about the traditions of men? For me, I have a Biblical marriage, and let me tell you how I defend it.… more »

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