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Endurance (Perils of Shepherds)

  01/16/14 16:23, by , Categories: Church Life, My Life, Theology Lived, Pastors
Today's blog post is a series of quotes from David Hansen's book "The Art of Pastoring".  It is what God keeps teaching me and what I struggle with.  The title of this section in the book is "Endurance." "The fact that we are called by God to love a… more »
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  11/08/13 16:29, by , Categories: Living Life, My Life, Theology Lived, Pastors
It has been a bit of a rough week for me.   I have struggled with some of the strongest discouragement and the heaviest heart I have had in a very long time (years).  Throughout this week, God has ministered to me.  On Wednesday I met with one of the… more »

Wonderful (Perils of Shepherds)

  06/29/13 14:07, by , Categories: My Life, Theology Lived, Pastors
"Wonderful, They called me "Wonderful" So I said "Wonderful" - if you insist, I will be "Wonderful" And they said "Wonderful", Believe me, it's hard to resist 'Cause it feels wonderful, They think I'm wonderful" -The Wizard, "Wonderful" (Wicked the… more »
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Personal Update: Looking in the Window

  05/16/13 11:03, by , Categories: Family, My Life
This morning I sat down and planned some more blog posts but as I have turned to write them I decided it was time to be more personal today instead of a reflection or teaching post.  It has been a busy but good week so far this week.  We had our family… more »
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Big Nothing

  03/09/13 08:09, by , Categories: Announcements, Family, Living Life, Personal Reflections, My Life, Theology Lived
When I was a teenager, I had a really poor self-image.  I was depressed and hated myself.  I had no idea at the time that such dark and depressing thoughts were a sign of an ego out of control.  I wasn't proud of myself, but I was the center of my unive… more »
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A look at life and ministry.

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After growing up in Maine, Ira graduated from Bible College and wandered into Western Maine and has never found his way back out. He has a deep love for the rural churches of Maine and the people who make up this great state. He loves Truth over Tradition, Christ over Culture, and People over Process. He love to equip, teach, and disciple and longs to see the Maine church grow healthy and make disciples.

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