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Secret to Gratitude


As we say goodbye to Thanksgiving, I wanted to reflect on something that Sarah and I have discovered that has greatly improved the gratitude in our house.  It is the discovery of a link between taking responsibility and being grateful.  This may seem ve… more »

Personal Update: Looking in the Window


This morning I sat down and planned some more blog posts but as I have turned to write them I decided it was time to be more personal today instead of a reflection or teaching post.  It has been a busy but good week so far this week.  We had our family… more »

Big Nothing


When I was a teenager, I had a really poor self-image.  I was depressed and hated myself.  I had no idea at the time that such dark and depressing thoughts were a sign of an ego out of control.  I wasn't proud of myself, but I was the center of my unive… more »

Family Picture


Lately my blog posts have been weighty and studied discussions of big issues.  Time for a lighter discussion of an even bigger issue. Tonight as we sat around the table as a family, I pulled out a book we are reading together.  It is an old book by an… more »

Personal Review


Finishing up 6 years as Senior Pastor. more »

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