Return of the Blog


Return of the Blog

Wow, these past three months represent the longest I have ever gone in not blogging since first starting the blog in 2008.  I will tell you that I am frustrated and disgusted with myself for allowing so much time to pass without any entries.  I can cite plenty of reasons for the drought, but none of them are sufficient to explain how I never found time to post ANYTHING.  I just didn't get to it.  One thing I have discovered is that once I fail to post for awhile, it actually gets harder to get back to it.  I don't think I'm alone in that one.  I've heard people say the same about going to church, or other good activities that you get out of habit of.  You could but you just don't.   So, I apologize for the terrible lapse.  I am excited to get back to the blog this fall.  I have been building a file of ideas that I want to blog about and I hope that they will be encouraging and challenging to you if you choose to read.

So, on this last day of September, I get an entry in for this month and look forward to a great fall.  The Red Sox are in the playoffs, the Patriots are 4-0, Fall is off to a big start at church, and we're having great family times in the home.  Here's to what I hope is a great October looking through the Pastor's Window.

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