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Link Dump Monday

  05/20/13 08:40, by , Categories: Links
I tend to have a lot of links open on my browser as I find stuff I like and want to remember. Sometimes they pile up. Here is a collection of links that I found interesting lately and you might enjoy. This one looks like fun.  I haven't tried it yet.… more »
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New Links for a New Year

  01/02/13 17:47, by , Categories: Links
Its been awhile since I've dropped off a pile of links.  As one of my professors used to say, these are points of interest.  They may not be of interest to you, but they are of interest to me, therefore they are points of interest.    You may or may not… more »
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Hitting the Links

  02/28/12 16:34, by , Categories: Links
This is a week of trying to catch up.  Making some connections with people, working ahead on projects, etc.  There is no way I'll get everything done that I want/need to this week, but hopefully we'll drain enough water out of the lake so it won't… more »
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Link Update

  11/04/11 15:45, by , Categories: Fun, Living Life, Links, Science
Once again the tabs on my browser are piling up.  I keep stuff open until I share it, blog it, or whatever.  Time to close a few by dropping them on here.  You might enjoy these little snippets.  Some have a bit of a medical theme. "Don't you make my… more »
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The UnRapture

  10/25/11 00:48, by , Categories: Theology Lived, Links
Quick reminder that once again the world did not end, and the Bible continues to demonstrate its truthfullness.  Jesus said no man knows the day or the hour.  Harold Camping said he figured it out.  God said, "oh no you didn't." In the time of Christ… more »
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A look at life and ministry.

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