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My Favorite Church


Sunday morning, the head of the Deacon Board called all four of us pastors up onto the stage and expressed the church's appreciation for us and presented us with a tangible example of that appreciation in the form of a gift card to a local restaraunt… more »

Promises of Forgiveness


Forgiveness is hard.  I have blogged about it before over the last three years.  You see the tension of forgiveness in Christians a lot.  On one hand, we know that we have been commanded to forgive, as Christ forgave us.  On the other hand, when the… more »



My extended family was always very sarcastic.  I grew up being really good at sarcasm.  My own parents didn't use sarcasm with us, which was good, but I was able to develop the skills anyway.  I'm not alone.  We live in a sarcastic society these days.… more »

All The Laws in the World


[video:youtube:vOHXGNx-E7E] If you haven't watched the video above, you need to.  It is a heart rendering story told by the girl living it.  A cry for help doesn't even begin to cover it. It tells an incredible sad story of bullying, lonliness, and des… more »

Changing Hearts, One Law at a Time


The link today is a story about how new rules and proposed new legislation are being introduced following another suicide as a result of bullying.  Bullying has of course been around a long time and now, with the internet, it can be even more powerful a… more »

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