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Society, Conflict, Opportuntity


A lot of Christians are pretty scared or at least worried these days because of the advancing agenda of the homosexual rights movement.   It is more than being distressed about a societal trend of sin, of which we have many, it is a fear that our… more »

Messy Church


Having a house full of kids does not tend to add to the neatness of a home.  Even though we work every day to make sure they take care of what they get out, there is always something, either a craft, a sock, an errant toy, etc.  Crabbing after them ever… more »

Happy New Year


I just wanna be happy. Isn't that what everyone wants? I watch so many people building their lives around the pursuit of happiness. Some of these friends have eschewed God in favor of what they see as a simpler formula for being happy. "Do what makes… more »

The Judgement of God and Message of Christmas


Dobson's claim of God's judgement and the God of "justice" and mercy who came to show us how to love each other. more »

Tired Inside


This has proved to be one of those weeks.  Actually, it started last week and has continued this week.  By this I don't mean it has been a bad week.  Things have actually been going well.  But I am tired, on the inside.  I'm one of those people who… more »

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