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Perils of Shepherds: Chutes & Ladders


There are men for whom being a pastor is the realization of a dream.   For me it was more of the realization of a nightmare.  :)  Ok, that is a big dramatic, but it is true that not only did I not aspire to be a pastor, especially a senior pastor, but I… more »

My First Church (Perils of Shepherds)


There are some who would call Bean's Corner "My first church" because it is here that I was first given the responsibility of being senior pastor.  Others might call Peru Baptist Church my "first" church because that was my first "job" out of college.  … more »

Perils of Shepherds: Lamb Chops


Pastors can be hard on churches.  Like shepherds beating the sheep.  How come people are leaving.  Pastor may think its because he's pushing, but more because he's rough.  Let the Holy Spirit push.  You speak the truth in love.  Preach hard, but love ha… more »

Marriage: Mis-defined, Missed Opportunity


I tried an interesting social experiment yesterday.  As Facebook began to show lots of red equal signs displayed by those looking for what they call marriage equality, I decided to make my own little graphic.  A little blue-on-blue cross.  With it I spe… more »

(Not So) Secret Power


It is no secret that Bean's Corner has been growing like crazy.  This last Sunday we could barely fit everyone into the sanctuary.  The big question is why?  Of course the true and simple answer is that God is bringing people in as the Gospel is being p… more »

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