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Heart Temperature

  10/03/13 08:20, by , Categories: Church Life, Politics, Theology Lived, Pastors
"Because lawlessness is increased, most people's love will grow cold. (Matthew 24:12) more »
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Wonderful (Perils of Shepherds)

  06/29/13 14:07, by , Categories: My Life, Theology Lived, Pastors
"Wonderful, They called me "Wonderful" So I said "Wonderful" - if you insist, I will be "Wonderful" And they said "Wonderful", Believe me, it's hard to resist 'Cause it feels wonderful, They think I'm wonderful" -The Wizard, "Wonderful" (Wicked the… more »
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Fallen Hero

  06/28/13 09:28, by , Categories: Living Life, Sports, Theology Lived, Bible Study
dfds more »

Give the People What They Want

  05/14/13 10:19, by , Categories: Living Life, Theology Lived
I was reading an article this morning about the failure of the Facebook "Home" Phone.  This was a software cover that took over your home screen and made it all about Facebook.  It was launched with much fanfare and anticipation.  They designed a new ph… more »
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Impatient Christians (Perils of Shepherds)

  05/10/13 09:29, by , Categories: Church Life, Theology Lived, Pastors
Its a tough and scary world these days for many who consider themselves Christians.  The world is celebrating sin more and more while being less and less tolerant of biblical morality.   In the past, Christians enjoyed a favorable place in society with… more »


A look at life and ministry.

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After growing up in Maine, Ira graduated from Bible College and wandered into Western Maine and has never found his way back out. He has a deep love for the rural churches of Maine and the people who make up this great state. He loves Truth over Tradition, Christ over Culture, and People over Process. He love to equip, teach, and disciple and longs to see the Maine church grow healthy and make disciples.

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