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Tired Inside


This has proved to be one of those weeks.  Actually, it started last week and has continued this week.  By this I don't mean it has been a bad week.  Things have actually been going well.  But I am tired, on the inside.  I'm one of those people who… more »

I Love My Country


So after too many ads, debates, heated discussions, passionate Facebook posts, bedtime phone calls (3 in 5 minutes last night), and other heated CO2 expended, the election is over.   Americans, always predicable, are either reveling or mourning.… more »

Gingham Dog & Calico Cat


To my brothers & sisters in Christ, I know there are many of you who are motivated, not by fear or by hatred, but by simple heart felt conviction that God means what He says. When you are attacked and maligned as being a bigot and being filled with… more »

Defending Marriage


Today, and tomorrow,  I will define and defend "traditional" marraige.  Actually, that's a poor phrase, "traditional marriage".   After all, is this about the traditions of men? For me, I have a Biblical marriage, and let me tell you how I defend it.… more »

My Favorite Church


Sunday morning, the head of the Deacon Board called all four of us pastors up onto the stage and expressed the church's appreciation for us and presented us with a tangible example of that appreciation in the form of a gift card to a local restaraunt… more »

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