A look at life and ministry.

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Gut Wrenching

  02/06/12 16:03, by , Categories: Church Life, Personal Reflections, My Life, Theology Lived
God is using the book I am reading, The Art of Pastoring by David Hansen, to really rip and tear at my insides.  Already the book had moved and touched me enough that I got it for all the deacons and pastors as well as some of the other men I mentor and… more »
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Looks Good to Me

  02/03/12 15:56, by , Categories: Church Life, Living Life, My Life, Theology Lived
Father, forgive them, they don't know what they are doing. There is  way that seems right to man, but it ends in death. That's all of us.  We are all trying to do right thing, but our execution stinks  Our view of right can get seriously warped.  Hit… more »
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Sun to Snow

  01/31/12 10:40, by , Categories: Church Life, Personal Reflections, My Life
Back from another great trip to the Dominican Republic.  It was another great trip this year.  It is so great to go down year after year and be able to build on relationships previously established, both on the team and with the people down there. I… more »
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Social Security

  01/14/12 17:35, by , Categories: Church Life, Personal Reflections, My Life, Theology Lived
I am so thankful for all the relationships God has given me.  I am also thankful that I can pour love into people and feel rewarded, no matter what their response is.  It can be tempting for all of us to sometimes focus on how people respond to us.  If… more »
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2011 Rearview

  01/13/12 10:25, by , Categories: Family, Church Life, Living Life, Personal Reflections, My Life, Dads & Families, Theology Lived
A day late due to spending the afternoon in the hospital with a sick friend.  Here is the letter I wrote to the church for our annual report this Sunday. As I gaze at 2011 in the rearview mirror I can’t help but take a deep sigh of relief.  This has… more »
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A look at life and ministry.

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After growing up in Maine, Ira graduated from Bible College and wandered into Western Maine and has never found his way back out. He has a deep love for the rural churches of Maine and the people who make up this great state. He loves Truth over Tradition, Christ over Culture, and People over Process. He love to equip, teach, and disciple and longs to see the Maine church grow healthy and make disciples.

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